St. Paul United Church of Christ Offers Drive-Through Communion

On the first Monday morning of each month, beginning October 7th, St. Paul United Church of Christ (UCC) will offer a “Moment of Grace,” drive-through Communion for commuters on their way to work.   The drive-through Communion, which will take less than a minute, will be available from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., and will be open to the general public, regardless of their church affiliation.

To participate, commuters may drive into the Church’s west side parking lot from Slade Street, and then, may follow signs that guide them toward the end of the building.  Once stopped, they will remain in their vehicle, roll down their car window, and receive Communion by intinction, says the Rev. David Mercer, Pastor of St. Paul UCC.   Communion by intinction, he explains, involves placing a wafer in the hand of the recipient, who then dips the wafer in a cup of wine before placing the wafer in his or her mouth.

“The whole idea behind it is to provide people with a ‘Moment of Grace’ before they begin their commute and into the world of work, which is often anything but gracious,” Rev. Mercer says.

As noted, the service is available to all  persons, regardless of their church affiliation, and is in keeping with St. Paul UCC’s practice of “Open Communion.”